Video Marketing


It’s one thing to have a nice video. It’s another thing entirely getting people to see it.

We’ve found many clients only want us to make them a video, and they plan to market it themselves. Too often it doesn’t work, and it just gets slapped up on a website and forgotten.

We want our clients to be successful, and we have pride in creating the greatest ROI possible. We do this by using a combination of tools and platforms such as Adwords, SI, Social Media, SEO, and more.



Align Our Vision

Just like making a video, first we’ll talk about your goals and vision.

Using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have hard fees that need to be paid so we’ll discuss how much you are willing to invest into the campaign.


Make an Agreement

Once our visions are aligned and you are feeling stoked about the campaign, we’ll agree on a monthly rate and length of time (usually around 3 – 9 months).

This rate will cover and include our management of the project and funds used to cover hard costs in distributing the video.


Watch the Sales Grow

Once per week we’ll send you an update with exact details on how many views, clicks and conversions the video is creating.

It won’t be long before you see your sales explode!

Lets work together to achieve your marketing and outreach goals.