Video Production


While we have done, and can do any kind of video for your business, our niche is authentic marketing videos.

Authentic videos portray real users of the product or service and show the benefit of the product or service in a relatable and powerful way. No gimmicks or bad puns.

They build trust with your brandgenerate immense leads and sales and are less expensive to produce than traditional scripted content.



Aligning our Vision

First we’ll talk with you about your goals.

  • Who is your target market?
  • How can we best reach them?
  • How can we accomplish your goals within your budget?


Locking it Down

Once we’ve got a direction, we’ll come up with a detailed concept and outline, and a confirmed budget.

You have full freedom to contribute as much or as little as you want to this concept. We won’t move forward until you are happy and totally confident with the idea.



Once the concept is locked, you don’t need to worry about a thing! We handle all the organizing, planning and making it happen.

This part of the process is relatively hands free for you.



Clients consistently tell us how fun it is to be on production with us. This is where we do the actual filming and capturing of the story.

You or someone representing your company will be there with us, and you will have your own monitor provided to see every single shot before it happens.

We’ll handle all aspects of the production, but if there are things you’d like done differently, don’t hesitate to say so!



This is where we assemble the final product, polish it through color correction, and add any graphics.

We have a strong client-first mentality, and will continue to revise the final product until you are satisfied.


Campaign Management

Copperfish can also manage your video campaign and ensure it gets seen by the right people on the right platforms. We do this by using the latest and greatest techniques and platforms in the ever-changing internet world.

We also track the videos success and are able to trace how many views, clicks and conversions it creates, and thus giving you what you want – more money!

Learn more about that process here:

Video Marketing

Lets work together to achieve your marketing and outreach goals.