Web Development


We’ve found that many companies we’ve done videos for also need a new or updated website. 

Our expert web design staff is versed in WordPress and eCommerce deployments and utilizes a number of coding languages to provide businesses with sites that not only look beautiful but are designed for performance and meeting the users’ needs.

We find solutions that make it easy for you to add new content to parts of the site without a background in coding and without the worry of breaking other parts of your site. We connect a variety of platforms to your business to help you manage your sales, your customers and your marketing campaigns.


Aligning Our Vision

Just like making a video, first we’ll talk about your goals and vision.

  • What do you need this website to be able to do?
  • How do you want it to look?
  • How can we accomplish those goals within your budget?


Make an Agreement

Companies may need more help than they realize when it comes to building a website.

We’ll discuss what assets and services your company can provide and what work we can do for you to reach an offer.

This can include:

  • Writing Branding Copy
  • Product and/or Location Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Stock Assets
  • eCommerce Platforms
  • Mailing List Integration

That’s just to name a few!  Much of the work required to build a website will require collaboration, so we’ll work to set deadlines that we can meet together.



Once a final design has been created, we’ll go through an agreed number of rounds of revisions.  We understand that projects can take a sudden turn in direction, so if you can be flexible with the budget, we can be flexible with any additional weeks of work required to bring a new vision to the current project.


Deployment and Hosting

After the final round of revisions, we’ll process your final payment for the project and deploy the site for all search engines to pick up.

We can deploy on a hosting account of your choice, or you can purchase a hosting plan through CopperFish that will provide free technical support and minor content updates or changes on a monthly basis.

Lets work together to achieve your marketing and outreach goals.